Not enough research has been done or is being done into women’s health, and thus women do not have adequate contraception. There are so many problems with the existing products available to women. Simply because it is women who can get pregnant, it is often believed they are solely responsible for contraception. Research has been done into a male contraceptive pill and injection but have not been rolled out as there were too many side effects. However, these side effects were the same as what women have to put up with.
This was a three-week project focusing on finding problems, rather than solving them. It was about challenging presumptions, rather than affirming them and showing this in whatever context we saw fit. 

The idea was to address this topic and take the idea of a poster or handout that you would get in a GP surgery about the types of contraception available, but with a twist on some of the wording.
Rather than having information about the contraception, it states a negative side effect. The wording used is meant to be quite straight to the point and jokey, whilst still highlighting quite serious issues, and bringing up things that people wouldn’t necessarily know.
The flyer is mocked up amongst other flyers in a GP surgery linking to the premise of the idea, however, would not be used there. It is something that could be shared on social media as a joke, but also to get people questioning and thinking deeper into this topic.