Tinder has one simple objective; to find you a date and has now has become an intrinsic aspect of popular culture. Numbers play a huge role in someone’s experience on Tinder whether they are aware of it or not. The numerical algorithms so central to the app, control who you see and have a significant impact on your chances of finding “The 1”. 
My response to the brief details my journey from being newly single to being on Tinder for almost year, experiencing things from funny one-liners to first dates. The premise of the publication is to give an insight into one 21-year-old girl’s experience of Tinder. Whilst it celebrates the entertainment and light-heartedness from the dating app, it explores the disappointment and frustrations that can come from searching for the “The 1”, especially in today’s digital age. 
The typographic and visual language throughout the publication shifts between chapters that portray my personal experiences, and others that provide context about Tinder as a dating app, which can be seen in the change of typeface and colours. Some aspects of the book emulate Tinder’s interface, i.e. page numbers depicting ‘X miles away’, emulating the measurement matrix which is reflected in how close, or far away, potential suitors are.